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Landscape and Garden Design in Cobham Surrey and the Home Counties by Danielle DaviesDanielle's Tips and Articles

I really hope you enjoy reading these little snippets as much as I have writing them.
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Landscape and Garden Design in Cobham Surrey and the Home Counties by Danielle Davies


Chickens in the Garden - March 2010

Chickens in the Garden - March 2010

Chickens in the Garden by Danielle DaviesWith us all wanting to adopt a greener lifestyle, reducing our carbon footprint & perhaps growing our own food... what could be more rewarding than waking up to a freshly laid, organic egg?
Keeping your own chickens, is fast becoming the latest �garden must have�
Far from this being an area, where great knowledge & experience is required... chickens are actually the least demanding of most pets
Even the smallest of gardens can accommodate a few hens & the choice of tasteful hen houses of all sizes has never been greater
In years gone by the very end of the garden was the place that the chicken house sat... but why?
I enjoy viewing my chickens as a major focal point of my garden.
They are delightful to watch and with the fantastic array of pure breeds & hybrids available today, they make amazingly decorative additions to your garden
Few people realise that chickens have great personalities & many love human contact....
Chickens in the Garden by Danielle Davies I bought three hybrid hens, for both their docile, friendly, nature & their amazing egg laying potential, up to 300 eggs per year each
They cost very little to feed & the highlight of their day is when I take them the vegetable peelings from my kitchen. Less for the dustman to take away...
With organic eggs costing 32p each, they are a sure winner on the pocket. A typical hybrid costing approximately �15 & a hen house with secure run �70 +
My greatest surprise was how they love to be handled & how they will happily sit on your knee to be stroked & cooed at from the moment I brought them home... amazing...
So, with a little knowledge, the right equipment you too can enjoy a �greener� life style & find out for yourself the real joys of being a chicken keeper.... but be warned, its infectious and fascinating!...
For more information on how to incorporate chickens within your garden, call Danielle Davies � Landscape Designer.......

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